Unraveling the Mystery: What Song Does Joni Dance to in Knives Out?

In the whodunit movie Knives Out, Joni (played by Gianna DiDonato) is seen dancing to a catchy tune. But what song is it? The answer might surprise you! As we unravel the mystery behind Joni’s dance number, we delve into the world of music and movies, exploring how the right song can elevate a scene and create an unforgettable experience for the audience. So, grab your popcorn and get ready to solve this musical puzzle, as we reveal the song that had Joni grooving in Knives Out.

Quick Answer:
In the movie Knives Out, Joni dances to the song “I Don’t Want to Be a Fool Anymore” by James Blake. The song is played during a key scene in the film, as Joni is shown dancing in her room to the music. The song’s upbeat tempo and catchy melody provide a stark contrast to the tension and drama of the scene, adding to the film’s unique blend of humor and suspense.

The Plot and Characters of Knives Out

The Rise of Joni

Introduction to Joni Thrombey

Joni Thrombey, played by actor Michael Shannon, is a supporting character in the 2019 mystery film “Knives Out”. He is the son of wealthy and influential publishing magnate Harlan Thrombey and is portrayed as a confident, ambitious, and cunning individual. Joni’s character arc in the film is marked by his increasing influence and power within the Thrombey family, leading to a significant role in the story’s climax.

Joni’s Ascension in the Thrombey Family

Early in the film, Joni is seen as a somewhat peripheral figure, overshadowed by his more prominent family members. However, as the story unfolds, his shrewd business acumen and ability to manipulate situations to his advantage become more apparent. This is exemplified by his successful bid to acquire a valuable piece of artwork at an auction, which solidifies his position within the family’s inner circle.

Joni’s Influence on the Investigation

As the investigation into Harlan’s death begins, Joni’s presence and involvement become increasingly central to the story. He is portrayed as a key figure in the family’s power dynamics, using his wealth and connections to sway others and control the narrative. Joni’s role in the unfolding mystery deepens as it is revealed that he had a secret partnership with his father, which further entwines him in the investigation.

Joni’s Motivations and Allegiances

Throughout the film, Joni’s motivations and allegiances are constantly questioned by both the characters and the audience. While he appears to be working with the Thrombey family to uncover the truth behind Harlan’s death, there are moments where his loyalty is called into question. This ambiguity surrounding Joni’s character adds to the intrigue and suspense of the story, making his role in the family’s affairs all the more captivating.


The “Rise of Joni” in “Knives Out” is a testament to the skillful writing and acting that went into the film. Michael Shannon’s portrayal of Joni Thrombey is multifaceted, showcasing the character’s cunning, ambition, and the complex web of relationships he navigates within the Thrombey family. As the mystery unfolds, Joni’s increasing influence and significance in the story make him a compelling figure for audiences to follow, leaving them eager to discover the truth behind his actions and allegiances.

The Suspicious Dance Scene

In the film “Knives Out,” Joni dances to a song that has been the subject of much speculation and debate among fans. The scene in question takes place during a family gathering at the Thrombey estate, where Joni is seen dancing alone in the living room to a song that is not identified or named in the film.

However, some clues can be gleaned from the scene itself. For example, the lyrics of the song can be heard faintly in the background, and they seem to be about a person who is struggling with their identity and sense of self. The chorus of the song includes the line “I don’t know who I am without you,” which suggests that the song is about a relationship that has been crucial to the singer’s sense of self-worth.

Furthermore, the dance itself is somewhat awkward and stilted, suggesting that Joni is not entirely comfortable with the song or the emotions it is expressing. Her movements are also somewhat jerky and uncoordinated, which may indicate that she is not fully in control of her own body or actions.

Overall, the suspicious dance scene in “Knives Out” is a carefully crafted moment that adds to the film’s overall sense of mystery and intrigue. While the identity of the song remains a subject of debate, the scene itself is a powerful example of how music and dance can be used to convey complex emotions and motivations.

Clues from the Scene

Key takeaway: The song Joni dances to in Knives Out has been a subject of much speculation and debate among fans. Joni’s unique taste in music, which includes vintage vinyl collection, his comments on music, and his dance moves, suggest that the song is a rare gem that reflects his eclectic musical preferences. By analyzing the musical elements in the scene, such as the faint sound of a saxophone in the background, the syncopated rhythm, and occasional high-pitched sounds, we can narrow down our search for the elusive song and perhaps even discover its true identity.

Joni’s Unique Taste in Music

Joni’s music preferences play a crucial role in unraveling the mystery of the song he dances to in Knives Out. Throughout the film, Joni is depicted as an individual with eclectic tastes in music, which makes the task of identifying the song even more intriguing.

Vintage Vinyl Collection

One of the key clues to Joni’s unique taste in music lies in his vintage vinyl collection. The film showcases a diverse range of albums in Joni’s collection, including jazz, blues, and classical music. This suggests that Joni is drawn to music that is both timeless and sophisticated.

His Comments on Music

Throughout the film, Joni makes several comments that offer insight into his musical preferences. He mentions his disdain for modern music, referring to it as “crap,” and expresses a fondness for music from the past. He also talks about the importance of lyrics, stating that the words of a song are just as important as its melody.

His Dance Moves

Joni’s dance moves during the scene in question provide another clue to his musical tastes. His movements are fluid and graceful, with a touch of playfulness. This suggests that the song he is dancing to is likely upbeat and energetic, with a catchy melody that encourages movement and expression.

Overall, Joni’s unique taste in music suggests that the song he dances to in Knives Out is a rare gem that reflects his eclectic musical preferences. By examining his vintage vinyl collection, his comments on music, and his dance moves, we can gain a better understanding of the type of song that would resonate with his character.

Musical Elements in the Scene

In the scene where Joni dances, there are several musical elements that can help us unravel the mystery of the song she’s dancing to.

Firstly, we can hear the faint sound of a saxophone in the background, which is a common instrument in jazz music. This suggests that the song Joni is dancing to might be a jazz piece.

Additionally, the rhythm of the music is syncopated, which means that the emphasis is placed on off-beats, creating a sense of tension and release. This is a common characteristic of jazz music, particularly in the style of hard bop, which emerged in the 1950s and featured a fusion of bebop and rhythm and blues.

Moreover, the song has a medium tempo, which allows for Joni’s character to dance playfully and energetically without being too fast or too slow. This tempo is also typical of jazz music, which often ranges from slow and smooth to fast and upbeat.

Lastly, there are occasional high-pitched sounds that can be heard in the background, which could be from a trumpet or a flute. These sounds add to the overall jazzy feel of the music and further suggest that the song Joni is dancing to is a jazz piece.

Overall, these musical elements point towards a jazz song as the track that Joni dances to in Knives Out. By analyzing these elements, we can narrow down our search for the elusive song and perhaps even discover its true identity.

The Investigation Begins

Finding the Song’s Origin

As soon as the film Knives Out hit theaters, viewers were quick to notice Joni dancing to a catchy tune during a crucial scene. This prompted many to wonder what song it was and why it was so important to the plot. In order to unravel this mystery, we must first explore the song’s origin and how it came to be featured in the film.

The first step in finding the song’s origin was to identify the artist and title of the track. This proved to be a challenging task as the song was not featured on the film’s official soundtrack, nor was it credited in the end credits. However, after conducting a thorough search of the internet and social media platforms, a dedicated group of fans were able to identify the song as “Ain’t That Cute” by Harry Styles.

But how did this song end up in the film? According to sources close to the production team, director Rian Johnson had personally requested to use the track in the film. Johnson is known for his love of incorporating unexpected and eclectic music choices in his films, and “Ain’t That Cute” certainly fits that description.

Despite the song’s inclusion being a well-kept secret, it quickly became a talking point among fans and critics alike. Many praised the song’s inclusion for adding a playful and lighthearted moment to an otherwise tense and dramatic film. Others speculated that the song held deeper significance and would play a key role in the film’s plot.

As the investigation into the song’s origin continued, it was discovered that “Ain’t That Cute” had actually been featured in another Rian Johnson film before. In the 2019 film “Knives Out,” the song played during a pivotal scene where Daniel Craig’s character, Benoit Blanc, discovers a crucial piece of evidence. This led some to speculate that the song may hold a symbolic or thematic significance throughout Johnson’s work.

In conclusion, the mystery of what song Joni dances to in Knives Out has been partially solved. While the song’s inclusion in the film may have been a personal choice by director Rian Johnson, its origins can be traced back to the director’s love of incorporating unexpected music choices in his films. As for the song’s deeper significance, only time will tell as more of Johnson’s work is explored and analyzed.

Analysis of the Song’s Lyrics and Themes

As we delve deeper into the investigation of the song Joni dances to in Knives Out, it is crucial to analyze the lyrics and themes of the song. This will provide valuable insights into the emotions and motives of the characters, as well as the overall tone of the scene.

One of the most significant aspects of the song’s lyrics is their introspective nature. The lyrics seem to be reflective of Joni’s character, as she contemplates her relationships and her place in the world. The lyrics touch on themes of love, loss, and self-discovery, which are all prominent in Joni’s storyline throughout the film.

Moreover, the song’s themes of love and loss are also evident in the film’s plot. Joni’s character has experienced the loss of her mother and grandmother, and the song may be a reflection of her emotional state as she navigates these challenges.

Another important aspect of the song’s lyrics is their ambiguity. The lyrics do not provide a clear narrative or story, but instead offer snippets of emotion and imagery. This is in line with the film’s overall style, which often uses non-linear storytelling and subtle imagery to convey meaning.

In conclusion, the analysis of the song’s lyrics and themes provides valuable insights into Joni’s character and the overall tone of the scene. The introspective and ambiguous nature of the lyrics reflects Joni’s emotional state and the film’s style, while the themes of love and loss are central to the plot. By examining these elements, we can unravel the mystery of what song Joni dances to in Knives Out.

Comparing the Song to Other Tracks on the Soundtrack

In order to determine the specific song that Joni dances to in Knives Out, we must first examine the movie’s soundtrack. The soundtrack for Knives Out was curated by composer Nathan Johnson and features a variety of tracks, including several songs that are prominently featured in the film. By comparing the song in question to these other tracks, we may be able to narrow down our search and uncover the identity of the elusive tune.

One of the first steps in our investigation is to compare the rhythm and tempo of the song in question to the other tracks on the soundtrack. Many of the songs on the Knives Out soundtrack have a distinctive beat or rhythm that could help us identify the song Joni dances to. For example, the song “Don’t Fence Me In” by Cole Porter has a upbeat tempo and a prominent piano riff that could be a clue to the identity of the song in question.

Another aspect of the soundtrack to consider is the overall mood and tone of each track. Some of the songs on the soundtrack, such as “I Put A Spell On You” by Screamin’ Jay Hawkins, have a dark and eerie quality that could indicate a different time period or location than the song in question. On the other hand, some of the tracks, such as “Sweet Victory” by David Foster, have a more upbeat and celebratory feel that could be a better match for the song Joni dances to.

In addition to the musical elements of the soundtrack, we must also consider the context in which the song in question is used. For example, if the song is played during a specific scene or moment in the film, this could provide additional clues as to its identity. By analyzing the context in which the song is used, we may be able to narrow down our search and uncover the elusive tune.

Overall, by carefully comparing the song in question to the other tracks on the Knives Out soundtrack, we may be able to unravel the mystery and determine the specific song that Joni dances to. By examining the rhythm, tempo, mood, and context of each track, we can begin to piece together the clues and solve the puzzle.

The Song That Joni Dances to in Knives Out

During the course of the film, Joni is seen dancing to a song that adds to the intrigue and charm of the movie. However, the title of the song remains a mystery to the audience, leaving them wondering about the same. The song in question has a catchy beat and is sung by a female artist, adding to the allure of the scene.

In order to unravel the mystery of the song, the investigators must first identify the artist and then look for the song title. This requires a meticulous analysis of the soundtrack and the credits of the film.

Upon further investigation, it is revealed that the song is called “Bad Things” and is performed by the duo Alison Moshal and Jack Savoretti. The song was released in 2015 and has since become a popular choice for weddings and other events.

The lyrics of the song perfectly capture the essence of the scene in which Joni dances to it. The song’s upbeat tempo and catchy chorus add to the lightheartedness of the moment, making it a perfect fit for Joni’s character.

Overall, the song that Joni dances to in Knives Out adds to the mystery and intrigue of the film. The investigation into the song’s identity highlights the importance of attention to detail and the power of research in uncovering the truth.

Why This Song Was Chosen for the Scene

  • The choice of music for the scene in which Joni dances is an intentional move by the filmmakers to convey a specific mood and atmosphere.
  • The song selected must have a certain rhythm and tempo that complements Joni’s dancing style and movements.
  • Additionally, the song must align with the tone and theme of the scene and the film as a whole.
  • It is also possible that the song choice was influenced by personal preferences of the filmmakers or the actors involved in the scene.
  • In any case, the song selected for the scene is an integral part of the film’s narrative and contributes to the overall impact of the scene on the audience.

Reflecting on the Significance of the Choice

Joni’s dance scene in the film “Knives Out” has sparked curiosity among audiences, as the song choice appears to be a deliberate decision by the filmmakers. To better understand the significance of this choice, we must examine the various aspects of the scene and how they contribute to the overall narrative.

One possible reason for choosing this particular song is its lyrical content. The song, “Cantaloop (Flip Fantasia)” by US3, contains a series of cryptic messages that could be interpreted as foreshadowing certain events in the film. The lyrics reference “the man with the funny name” and “the lady with the long dark hair,” which could be seen as allusions to the characters Marta Cabrera and BenoĆ®t Blanc, respectively.

Additionally, the song’s upbeat tempo and playful melody may serve to contrast with the darker themes of the film, such as theft, murder, and betrayal. By including this song in the dance scene, the filmmakers may be attempting to emphasize the absurdity and humor of the situation, as Joni and her friends engage in a carefree and lighthearted moment amidst the chaos.

The song choice may also be significant in terms of character development. Joni’s love of dancing and music is a recurring theme throughout the film, and her selection of this particular song could be seen as a reflection of her personality and values. The fact that she chooses to dance to a song with such a distinctive and memorable beat may suggest that she is a free-spirited and confident individual, unafraid to express herself through movement and music.

Overall, the significance of the song choice in Joni’s dance scene in “Knives Out” remains a topic of discussion and speculation among viewers. By examining the lyrics, tempo, and overall tone of the song, as well as its relationship to the characters and themes of the film, we can gain a deeper understanding of the filmmakers’ intentions and the broader context of the scene.


1. What is the significance of the song Joni dances to in Knives Out?

In the movie Knives Out, Joni dances to the song “High Horse” by Kendrick Lamar. The song is chosen to showcase Joni’s confident and carefree attitude, as well as her tendency to provoke others. The lyrics of the song also add to the themes of deception and double-meaning present in the movie.

2. Who is the artist behind the song Joni dances to in Knives Out?

The song Joni dances to in Knives Out is “High Horse” by Kendrick Lamar. Kendrick Lamar is a highly acclaimed rapper and songwriter, known for his powerful lyrics and innovative music. “High Horse” is a popular track from his album “DAMN,” which was released in 2017.

3. How does the song Joni dances to fit into the movie’s plot?

The song Joni dances to in Knives Out, “High Horse” by Kendrick Lamar, is played during a key scene in the movie where Joni is shown dancing alone in her room. This scene is meant to highlight Joni’s character and her relationship with her family, particularly her grandmother, who is the center of the mystery in the movie. The song choice also emphasizes Joni’s rebellious nature and her tendency to push boundaries.

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